October 31, 2011

All Hallow's Eve

It's still quite early in the morning here and the city is so lovely and quiet. The fact that the sun is shining after countless grey days is also lifting my spirits! I'm off work today as well; so really looking forward to some sort of fun adventure :)

These pictures were taken on Saturday, when I had my 'day of Halloween fun' - I love this outfit because it's comfy, stylish & festive without being over the top. And surprisingly enough, I actually didn't freeze to death wearing this sheer lace top outside while these photos were taken (though I did wear my favourite Zara coat later, to run errands). 

A few things about the outfit - absolutely love this lace tee I got from American Apparel ages ago. It is super versatile & can be paired with just about anything. The pleated skirt is something I recently ordered online from Forever 21, & even though it is size XS it is ridiculously too big & will only stay up with a belt (hence the medallion belt). I had intended to return it but they apparently only do online returns via return mail & not at local stores (fail). Continuing on.... the white bandeau was an oversight on my part; I didn't realize how much it stood out until afterwards when I saw the pictures on my computer. In retrospect I should have gone for a black one instead of just grabbing the first one in arms reach. And finally the Michael Kors items - one of my favourite designers, I absolutely love getting new MK pieces. The gold chronograph watch has been one of my favourite accessories for over a year now; the black MK loafers are a newer addition to my wardrobe and I must say I absolutely adore them! Super comfortable and cute. And that is that!  

This little critter watched our photoshoot from quite near - but when the camera turned on him, he went on the run!


I was wearing:
Lace tee - American Apparel
Pumpkin pleat skirt - Forever 21
Belt - Sale bin somewhere in Ireland I can't recall...
Black loafers - Michael Kors
Gold Chronograph Watch - Michael Kors
White Bandeau - Garage

Now I'm off to start my day and get a little more in the festive spirit. Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!
<3 Shawna

October 30, 2011


Good morning lovelies :)
I'm getting ready for work at the moment, so this will be a very quick post indeed. I finally got around to getting this look from last week posted on Lookbook.nu - please take a look & hype if you like it! :)

Yesterday was lovely and very productive (in the world of Halloween-festivities, NOT schoolwork unfortuantely). Although I did not get my costume made, everything else (pumpkins included) was completed and we had quite the enjoyable day! I wore a very Halloween-esque outfit out running errands & we managed to get a quick photoshoot in, which I'll be posting tomorrow! 


Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!
<3 Shawna

October 29, 2011

American Apparel X Lookbook DIY Halloween Contest

As soon as I saw this contest advertised on lookbook.nu two days ago, I was instantly excited. Halloween has always been one of my favourite holidays (close runner-up to Christmas, only because Christmas has a longer acceptable celebration-window) and I love everything that comes with it - making a great DIY costume, carving pumpkins, baking pumpkin muffins, watching Halloween movies (family-friendly in my scaredy-cat case ;)

Unfortunately this year I haven't been on my A-game. I've been so busy with work recently that I have nothing at all done. Which is why I'm dedicating today to Halloween fun. Pumpkins will be carved, vegan treats will be baked, and hopefully a new and lovely costume will be made - all whilst watching Casper & Hocus Pocus to get me in the spirit! 

In the meantime, I have submitted one of my costumes from last Halloween to the contest on Lookbook. Please hype if you like it! To see all entries, you can click here

I've never been one for the scary, blood & gore, axe through your head kind of Halloween - it's just not me. I do love being creative however, & this is one of my favourite costumes to date. I bought the blue American Apparel items knowing full well they would come in use long after Halloween had passed (bonus); went crazy with fish stickers & painted on a little face mask with some bright make-up & rhinestone fabric stickers. Add a sea-shell necklace, fishnet, cute aqua heels, & some plastic seaweed in the crimped hair (which is sadly not visible in this photo) - et voila!

Now I'm off to get my Halloweeny-day started. Have a wonderful Saturday lovely followers!

October 27, 2011

LOOKBOOK: Sunshine, Leaves, etc.

Guten morgen! Wie geht's? (that's guilt over not having done German homework all week)

Finally getting around to posting this look from about a week and a half ago on lookbook.nu - please hype if you like it! :)

In other news, I'm going to the ''Roger Daltrey performs The Who's Tommy'' concerttonight at Roger's Arena, and am getting quite excited about it. Should be fun, though I have no idea what to wear.... though I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes :) 


October 25, 2011


Just a tad aggravated with Lookbook this morning - I posted a look and deleted it about 2 seconds later simply so I could change the title (silly me apparently...) and it appears that lookbook has implemented a 6 hour wait period between look posts - seriously? I understand the reasoning (so people can't keep reposting for more hype obviously) but arghhhhhhh.... 

Apart from that - it's a lovely sunshiney morning here in Vancouver and I just happen to have a day off work :) Going to meet up with the girls this afternoon hopefully, and maybe a little pumpkin carving this evening! Maybe even a little photoshoot in between, fingers crossed :)

In the meantime, here are some photo's taken on Saturday (in what was a super quick shoot as my darling photographer was sick with a cold). It's a super simple outfit, as I was just on my way to the store to pick up some popsicles and treats for said cold. It was a chilly day out and this incredibly soft and bright cashmere sweater was the perfect piece to start with! 

This one makes me laugh as I look like I've only got one leg; but alas, it was the only one which showed the back!
I was wearing:
Red cashmere sweater - Vintage
Plaid jacket - Forever 21 (old)
Navy riding pants - H&M
Glitter ballet flats - Spring
Owl Brooch - vintage (my great-grandmothers!)

Sorry for my lookbook rant, but it had to be said. Hopefully I'll get one posted over the next two days. Until then, thank you so much for following lovely people! 
<3 Shawna

October 24, 2011

New In

Hello hello! 

Just a quick post with some things I've bought recently from Banana Republic & Forever 21 :) 

I'm absolutely in love with the two tops I got from Forever 21 - I've been looking for a sweater with pearl bead detailing on the shoulders for such a long time now; and the red blouse has the most gorgeous detailing on the collar - pretty impressive for what I actually spent on them. The necklaces are lovely as well; the bib/collar necklace has pearl and floral detailing, and the multi-strand gold necklace is perfect for quickly jazzing up a plain top. 

As for the Banana Republic purchases, I finally put my employee discount to use! The colours aren't the greatest of indicators in this picture, but the shirt is a lovely chambray, and the jeans are actually a beautifully rich dark blue. Not to mention, both these items are ridiculously soft and comfortable. I'm excited to pair the chambray blouse with the bib necklace and a high-waisted navy skirt (which has been sitting in my closet for exactly one year, tags shamefully still intact).

Hope everyone is having a wonderful evening, and thank you so much for following! 

<3 Shawna

October 22, 2011

Lookbook: Both Sides Now

Finally! We have internet back at home and I couldn't be happier about it :) I've got several new pictures to post on lookbook, and here is the first of them. Please hype if you like! 


It appears to be another grey day here in Vancouver, but it's not raining out of the heavens like yesterday so I'm content. I'm off work today & intend to go on a little walking adventure to celebrate. I'll let you know where the day leads me :)

Have a beautiful Saturday everyone & thank you for following! 
<3 Shawna

October 18, 2011

Sunshine, leaves, etc.

Outfit post, as promised! This particular set of photos was shot on Sunday at a lovely little park area we came across, not far from home. The weather here in Vancouver has been absolutely gorgeous all week & it was so nice to go on a little photo adventure in the sunshine. 

So, a super quick blurb about the outfit... I'm loving tonal colour combinations this Autumn; hence the burgundy + red combination. Silver H&M pouch to add a little metallic glitter. Paired with my Dolce Vita wedges & lace socks.... et voila! Cute, comfy, love :) 

Will try to update lookbook in the morning - for now, good night & enjoy the pictures! <3 

Being silly before heading out

                            Leaf play


                                                                                                   I was wearing:
Burgundy sweater - Urban Outfitters
Red chiffon skirt - American Apparel
Silver pouch - H&M
Lace socks - Forever 21
Black Paloma wedges - Dolce Vita

Busy Bee

After a whopping 6 day absence I am indeed back! We've been without internet at home & I've been working every day so I haven't had much time to spare. My new job has been fun and interesting, but it definitely feels good to spend a night relaxing and catching up on the blog/lookbook world. 

Somehow in between all this chaos I have managed to get a few pictures (and some shopping) in, so plenty to blog about over the new few days. As soon as I do a little quick editing I'll have a new 'Look of the Day' post to share - in the meantime here's a little animation of me being silly & playing in the leaves :)

October 12, 2011

Cold Days

This is definitely one of those days in which all I want to do is curl up in bed, drink something warm, and listen to Regina Spektor.... which is exactly what I've just done! Sometimes lazy days are the nicest.

These photos were taken earlier this morning - I really like this outfit but it clearly wasn't warm or layered enough for the crisp air out there today (Hope the editing isn't too bad; I just quickly did them myself in iPhoto with no apparent method to my madness!)

I was wearing:
Salmon trousers - Zara (old)
Navy batwing top - H&M
Leopard print wedges - Forever 21 (old)
Scarf - Everything, Little Burgundy

As per my last post, I had an interview yesterday... which must have went well because I got the job ;) I start training this Saturday and am really looking forward to it! It's at one of the Banana Republic stores nearby, and I have to pop up there again this afternoon. I noticed some lovely knits in Zara yesterday afternoon and shall probably drop back there for them on my way - something to look forward to!  

Hope you all have a fantastic day! 
<3 Shawna

October 11, 2011

LOOKBOOK: Let it fall

Below is my lookbook.nu post of Sunday's Thanksgiving outfit - please hype if you like it! :) 


Hope you all enjoy your day - I've got a job interview this afternoon so I'm sure I'll be trying on outfit after outfit for the next few hours until I find the perfect one. Wish me luck! :)
    <3 Shawna  

October 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Sunday

As per usual my holiday plans didn't quite work out, but a lovely day was had nonetheless! I had planned it all out... a nice day trip to Granville Island to stock up on fresh veggies at the market, a glorious vegan feast... To make a long story short, Granville Island did not happen, I couldn't contact my mom for her delicious layered casserole recipe, and I forgot to thaw the tofurky - brilliant I know haha (hilariously enough, the tofurky package had secondary directions in bold 'If you forgot to thaw the tofurky roast...' - I guess that's for silly folks like me :)  In the end I managed to make a tasty vegan pot pie & some chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, so our tummies were satisfied regardless. 

These photos were shot on our way to the grocery store to stock up on muffin ingredients:


Pumpkin muffins in the making - Relocation, Relocation reruns in the background hehe :)
I was wearing:
Military green jacket - Primark (old)
Cognac leather shorts - Vila, ASOS
Tshirt stolen from Matt - Urban Outfitters
Tights - House of Holland
Heart necklace - Tiffany's
Oxfords - Forever 21
Matte-finish sunnies - Ray Ban 

October 8, 2011

LOOKBOOK: Pacific Time

Here is my look from yesterday as posted on Lookbook.nu - Hope you all have a lovely Saturday! <3

October 7, 2011

Pacific Time

After an incredibly productive morning, I headed to the beach to enjoy some gorgeous sunshine! 

Despite some minor lighting difficulties, we managed to get a little photo shoot in :) I opted for a couple new pieces: a new Sparkle & Fade striped sweater ($5 Urban Outfitters sale; score) & a pair of beyond bright lime green high-waisted shorts which I discovered at Retro Rock Vintage. Paired with navy tights, metallic glitter flats, and gold accessories. Obviously a little bit of a nautical vibe...

Sun in my eyes!

Loving the fact that I can see 'home' from the beach! :)

And my shoes are full of sand...

Gold rings galore + my favourite pendant necklace (which incorporates a little more green & pleases the part of me that loves things 'matchy matchy')

I was wearing:
Striped sweater - Sparkle & Fade, Urban Outfitters
Lime high-waisted shorts  - vintage, Retro Rock
Metallic glitter flats - Spring
Leaf necklace - Girly Peepshow Boutique (old)