October 24, 2011

New In

Hello hello! 

Just a quick post with some things I've bought recently from Banana Republic & Forever 21 :) 

I'm absolutely in love with the two tops I got from Forever 21 - I've been looking for a sweater with pearl bead detailing on the shoulders for such a long time now; and the red blouse has the most gorgeous detailing on the collar - pretty impressive for what I actually spent on them. The necklaces are lovely as well; the bib/collar necklace has pearl and floral detailing, and the multi-strand gold necklace is perfect for quickly jazzing up a plain top. 

As for the Banana Republic purchases, I finally put my employee discount to use! The colours aren't the greatest of indicators in this picture, but the shirt is a lovely chambray, and the jeans are actually a beautifully rich dark blue. Not to mention, both these items are ridiculously soft and comfortable. I'm excited to pair the chambray blouse with the bib necklace and a high-waisted navy skirt (which has been sitting in my closet for exactly one year, tags shamefully still intact).

Hope everyone is having a wonderful evening, and thank you so much for following! 

<3 Shawna


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  2. Great buys!



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