October 7, 2011

Pacific Time

After an incredibly productive morning, I headed to the beach to enjoy some gorgeous sunshine! 

Despite some minor lighting difficulties, we managed to get a little photo shoot in :) I opted for a couple new pieces: a new Sparkle & Fade striped sweater ($5 Urban Outfitters sale; score) & a pair of beyond bright lime green high-waisted shorts which I discovered at Retro Rock Vintage. Paired with navy tights, metallic glitter flats, and gold accessories. Obviously a little bit of a nautical vibe...

Sun in my eyes!

Loving the fact that I can see 'home' from the beach! :)

And my shoes are full of sand...

Gold rings galore + my favourite pendant necklace (which incorporates a little more green & pleases the part of me that loves things 'matchy matchy')

I was wearing:
Striped sweater - Sparkle & Fade, Urban Outfitters
Lime high-waisted shorts  - vintage, Retro Rock
Metallic glitter flats - Spring
Leaf necklace - Girly Peepshow Boutique (old)

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  1. you must live pretty close to me. I live right around there as well.



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