My name is Shawna & I'm a 22 year old currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. At present, I'm finishing up my degree in Human Nutrition, a topic on which I'm endlessly passionate. I've followed a vegetarian/vegan diet for most of my life & if you get me started I can go on for hours on any topic from fat-soluble vitamins to the effects of excessive antioxidants. 

Nutrition aside, the other love of my life has always been fashion. Until now I had never considered it as a viable career option. This blog is my idea of a leap into that world. In this space you'll find my personal outfits & wardrobe additions, event coverage, inspirations, & product reviews. My wardrobe is very eclectic & I can't say I have any definitive style… at least not one I've been able to label quite yet. 

Other than that? I have a genuine love of travel, leaning toward obsessive wanderlust & nomadic tendencies. I also have a penchant for 19th century literature, history, cooking, & of course shopping. That's me in a nutshell. 

I am always happy to review products & work on collaborations. If you are interested in advertising & feel your product is a good fit with my site please contact me at serpentinestreets@gmail.com