June 28, 2012

Summer Staples

I'm attending the Jennyfleur Loves fashion show tonight, so with a prospective busy day ahead I thought I'd sneak in a little outfit post while the morning is still young :)

I wore this a couple days ago for an afternoon stroll downtown & then out to supper with the girls. Unlike most days, I didn't have to think too much about this outfit. It was the first thing I put together & I felt it worked well. It features three of my newest items: Steve Madden pistol boots, H&M denim jacket,  & an oversized neon green tee from Gap. The boots are my favourite; I've been wearing them non-stop all week. Same goes for the denim jacket. Along with the maxi skirt, they are all great staple pieces for Summer! 

Going-away supper for Sabrina (in the coral) at my favourite vegan restaurant in Vancouver, The Naam!

Naam Salad starter with parsley tahini dressing - so so good!

Being crafty & lazy at the same time. I didn't have time to run out for a pair of spandex shorts & desperately needed something to layer under my sheer skirt. These white leggings worked, but I didn't like the length showing. Stubbornly refusing to take off my boots, I just cut them off. Hey, it worked. 

I'm off to catch up on my sleep (worked at 4AM this morning, eesh) & then a little shopping! I'll be sure to post photos from tonight's show as soon as possible :)

I was wearing:
Neon green tee - Gap (here)
Accordion-pleat maxi - American Apparel (here)
Denim jacket - H&M
Patent cross-body - Vintage
Pistol boots - Steve Madden
Chronograph Watch - Michael Kors (here)
Glasses - Ray Ban

June 21, 2012

Boyfriend Jeans + Florals

Here's a new outfit post for you all, finally! It's a casual Summer evening look with my new boyfriend jeans. I attempted to stay awake & enjoy the gorgeous day as long as possible after my 4AM shift... So if I'm looking somewhat sleepy-eyed I've got a good excuse. My 60 hour work week is certainly taking it's toll. It's just the beginning & I'm already wondering how I"m going to make it through the Summer in one piece!

A few words on the outfit: I re-attached the pussy-bow tie to my floral Zara blouse to mix things up & threw on my new favourite jeans (if you're interested in buying them they run a little big I think; these are a 0 & a bit too big around the waist for me). Ever-simple with the accessories, I wore some simple pointy-toed black heels, my standard MK watch, & my favourite MK bag.

Speaking of which... my Michael Kors Vanilla Hamilton bag tragically fell prey to my carelessness & a pair of indigo jeans on Monday. After only 20 minutes of rushing to work, about a fifth of the back was bright blue. I was pretty much traumatized. Thankfully the girls at Michael Kors Metrotown very sweetly attempted some damage control for me. It's still there, but is now more of a faded blue than horrifyingly bright. Lesson learned. 

Don't mind the crazy hair static.... 

Last but not least: I'm currently working on answering all your lovely comments every spare chance I get! Please have patience with me, I'm honing my time management skills ;)  Until then, hope you're all having a fabulous week! 

I was wearing:
Boyfriend Jeans - Gap (here)
Floral pussybow blouse - Zara
Gold Chronograph watch - Michael Kors (here in USD)
Hamilton Tote - Michael Kors (here in USD)

June 17, 2012

New In // Pile of Goodies

Work. Study. Eat. Sleep. In pretty much that order. My week has been pure madness, hence the week-long blogging hiatus. Fortunately I had this morning off to treat myself to a little shopping, as well as get in this post. Latest outfit post will be up soon :) Meanwhile, here are some of the goodies I've gotten in the last 24 hours:

Steve Madden Leopard Print Loafers (similar pair

Aqua cropped skinnies (here) + Boyfriend Jeans (here), both from the Gap

Cropped denim jacket from H&M

Last but not least, my May Glossybox (this will be my last, as I cancelled my subscription). Late again, but otherwise pretty perfect. Every single product was something I was on the verge of running out of myself, so this really came in handy.

- Simple Eye Make-up Remover
- Simple Facial Wash Gel
- Sebastian Volupt Shampoo
- Curel Foot Therapy
- Boxx Cream Concealer

I'd also like to say thanks for all the comments in my absence! You can absolutely expect responses to each of them over the next couple of days. Hope you've all had a fantastic weekend! :)

June 10, 2012

Every Which Direction

While not a lot of exam-revision happened yesterday, a lot of lovely friend time did. I knew I would be trekking around the city all afternoon & evening so not surprisingly I tried on about 10 outfits before I struck on the right one. Pretty clothing aside, the item I spent most of my time wearing is an oversized men's tee of some sort, for lounging at home. Pretty much 99% of my blog posts have been brought to you while wearing one. So I thought why not style one to wear out? 

I ended up pairing a forest green soft wash men's t-shirt from Banana Republic with my well-worn (& eternally wrinkled) salmon-coloured high-waisted Zara trousers. Pop on a statement necklace, some classic sunnies, & a pair of platforms... good to go. Thankfully my Michael Kors Hamilton tote coordinated well because it's one of my few bags large enough to fit my camera & other city-trekking essentials. Really must add a new one to the (never-ending) wish list.

Lovely Kris in her pastel pink jeans from the Gap, dutifully holding Sabrina's birthday cupcakes for me.

In the afternoon I met up with Kris (of Back Alleys & Boulevards) for a little vegan lunch + shopping. It was my first time at Karmavore & I absolutely loved it! Later we roamed the beach & Seawall soaking up some sun. We were stopped by Ben of VanStreet who snapped us for his street style blog (I look totally awkward, but because I know hope you'll still like me, here's the link). After some misadventures resulting from my awful sense of direction, we finally made it to a party for Miss Sabrina's birthday. It was so nice to see everyone I haven't seen since February, I really didn't want to leave! 

With the lovely birthday girl herself (pardon the flash!)
Two of my favourites from BR. Alex appears to be my #1 blog fan so I thought he'd like to see this here ;) 
On one last note, I know I've been mentioning my upcoming German exam a lot lately. Thankfully this is probably the second last time you will have to hear about it, as the terrifying thing is happening on Tuesday. In a divine effort to study non-stop I won't be posting again until it's over & done with. This also means I won't be getting back to most of your emails until Tuesday evening. I just wanted to let you all know I haven't forgotten about your amazing blogs, I just need a couple days to focus! So with that said, thank you so much for reading & I'll be back in action soon! :)

I was wearing:
Men's soft wash t-shirt - Banana Republic (here)
High-waisted trousers - Zara (old)
Hamilton Tote - Michael Kors (here in USD)
Nude Suede Foxy Platform - Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace - Zara
Wayfarers - Ray Ban (here)

June 8, 2012

Facebook + Blog Design

Okay fabulous followers, I've got a new way for you to show your support! I've just created a Facebook page for the blog. I'll be posting blog updates there as well as other links & lovely random bits that don't make it here. You can like it here (there's now a tab in the sidebar as well). I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your support! So a huge thanks in advance ;) 

On which note: If you've been following me up until this point you will have noticed that I've finally implemented some long over-due design changes to make the page a little easier to navigate. A huge thanks to Sue of As It Seems Designs for all the work she put into creating this look & the endless emails back & forth! Like any website it's a work in progress. To make sure things are perfect as possible for you lovely readers I would appreciate any feedback or constructive criticisms you may have! :)

Last but not least, a few words on the look above: This is a typical errand-running outfit for me. It's pretty much a jumble of my favourite & most comfortable pieces thrown together. On the rare occasion that I wear jeans I like to pair them with heels to dress them up & throw some brights or prints into the mix. This particular day I chose the brightest of bright bags, my fluro pink Cambridge satchel; & added a touch of glitz with my beloved Spike the Punch necklace! How do you jazz up your errand-wear?

I was wearing:
Turquoise Batwing top - Piko1988, via Nastygal
Dark legging jeans - Banana Republic
Pink fluro bag - Cambridge Satchel Company (here)
Rainey necklace - Spike the Punch
Pointy-toed heels - Spring (old)
Wayfarers - Ray Ban

June 5, 2012

Peach Chiffon

No I was not attending an event. In fact I had no destination in mind at all when I threw on this Summery tea-party-esque look this morning. Isn't that why we have blogs in the first place? To get away with wearing whatever we want? It's much more feminine than most of the outfits I've been wearing lately but I think switching things up is nice for a change. 

I bought this peach chiffon dress from American Apparel for a wedding last Spring. At the same time I purchased this lace bodysuit so as to the layer the two sheer top portions. For a pop of colour I added turquoise socks scrunched down a tad, & my newest JC wedges. The socks-in-shoes made a significant improvement comfort-wise so I thankfully escaped today without any war-wounds. It was a cool day once again, so I topped things off with my military green Spring jacket (pictured here with & without).

Now, I have two (rather random) inquiries for you:

1. Spray-on tan, yay or nay? The above photos are a key example of how ghostly pale I am. Normally I don't mind, but with Summer & short-season approaching it makes me somewhat self-conscious. And I think tanned skin definitely goes better with this seasons key pastels/neons. What do you think?

2. This one is for my Deutschophile readers: I need some suggestions for good German films to help me practice for my upcoming German final. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

As always, thanks for reading :)

I was wearing:
Chiffon Dress - American Apparel (here)
Lace Bodysuit - American Apparel (here)
Jacket - Primark (old)
Necklace - F21 (old)
Pizan Wedges - Jeffrey Campbell via Nastygal (here)

June 3, 2012

Lemon Drop Jeans

I know I'm preaching to the converted, but there really is nothing like a little shopping to brighten a grey day. Especially when that shopping involves neon yellow jeans. That's right. Newest addition to my wardrobe & it wasn't very practical at all. Who cares? I love them to pieces & I can't stop smiling.

I was wearing this striped top from Banana Republic when I tried them on, and liked it so much I decided to wear it just so. The shirt is admittedly ill-fitted, but it was the smallest size & at the time I had to have it anyways. Because it was a cooler day I paired it with a black blazer (somewhat fearful of looking bumble-bee esque, but it was my only feasible option). Steve Madden peep-toe heels to dress up the jeans a little, neutral coloured bag, & classic Ray Ban wayfarers. Which is where a story comes in....

It's not often I share random personal stories on the blog, but here is one for the books: I, at the ripe old age of 22, have developed a new phobia of birds. I could go into great detail but basically a few days ago I was attacked by a crow TWICE in one hour. As in out of nowhere it pitched on my head and started attacking me. After googling I discovered it's fledgling season, when mama crows are teaching their young to fly. This makes them protectively aggressive to passers-by. They also have great facial recognition, hence why I've been wearing sunglasses on grey days, feeling as if I'm hiding from particularly threatening paparazzi. If you live in Vancouver I suggest you steer clear of Hornby Street & other tree-dense areas (crow territory/the sight of the crime) until July.

Last but not least, my hair is pulled back for once! I'm not a huge fan of having my hair up (unless I'm at home where it's in a constant messy bun) so this is one of few times you'll see it this way. I did a little french braid in the front to make it a little less plain. The main reason it is up though is because I finally tested out the Wella conditioner I received in my April Glossybox (here). I should have known better. It made my hair (which is very fine) disgustingly greasy, & of course I was short on time so there was no fixing it. Some days ponytails really are warranted. 

I was wearing:
Yellow jeans - Gap (here)
Striped tee - Banana Republic
Necklace - F21 (old)
Peep-toe heels - Steve Madden (old)
Gold Chronograph watch - Michael Kors (here)
Vanilla Hamilton Bag - Michael Kors (here)

June 1, 2012

Summer Wish List + Blog Award

Summer Wishlist items

Happy first of June! I haven't been shopping in approximately a month (this is border-line unheard of). So while I can't show you an outfit full of shiny new things, I can show you what I'm plotting for this Summer. I had quite a bit of fun compiling this set on Polyvore. With these items alone I could create about 20 different outfits (hence why things are organized a little haphazardly) - the sign of good investment pieces! 

The first items entering my wardrobe will most likely be the versatile staples: leopard print loafers, boyfriend jeans, & a lace/crochet dress (how beautiful is the Alice+Olivia one above?!). Apart from that a bit of neon here, a bit of fringe there.... and of course prints permeating every piece possible! Tragically the Missoni ruffled swimsuit & Acne blue pistol boots are sold out at the moment, but I'm optimistic about finding something similar. 

What pieces are you craving most this Summer? 

On one last note: Darling Sapana of Dreamy Sapna chose me for the 'Your blog is great' award last week! A huge thank you to her - it's so nice to be recognized for something I love doing! And to share the love, I'll be passing the award along to 5 blogs I've really enjoyed lately:

Have a great weekend everyone! <3