July 14, 2012

Jennyfleur Loves Fashion Show

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a fashion show put on by local boutique, Jennyfleur Loves. The fact that I'm only just getting around to this post is merely a testament to my insane work schedule, as I truly enjoyed the show. The Prêt-à-porter Fashion Affair was put on in collaboration with Hive Mind Millinery, styled by Nicolette Lang Andersen, & hosted by Mandy Ross. 

Although my visits have been few & far between (again, blame that pesky 60 hour work week), it really is one of my favourite Vancouver shops. Mother & daughter duo hand-pick each item, which really makes this a special collection. You'll find styles & brands there which are otherwise non-existant in this city. 

The show was comprised of three segments: swimwear, street wear, & evening wear. Key trends included bold colours & prints, pastels, fringe, maxi lengths & asymmetrical hemlines. A nice little bonus was the 25% shopping discount offered with ticket purchase. I'm not sure if I can still snag the discount at this point, but I fully intend to find out tomorrow on my day off! 

So without further ado, here are some photos from the show:

Host Mandy Ross

Loved this fringe tank so much! Perfect for a beach day.

Live art by Jimmy Cummins

One of my favourites of the evening. Love that bold pink!

Kris of Backalleys & Boulevards, my blogger friend date for the evening!
My quickly chosen outfit for the evening. Gotta love that yellow glow.
Jennifer Gray & Shaughnessy Chow-Domos, owners of Jennyfleur Loves boutique.

Jennyfleur Loves is located at 1058 Mainland Street in Yaletown. Be sure to stop by if you're in the area; I guarantee you'll find a piece you love... or ten ;)

July 3, 2012

Canada Day in Vancouver

I hope all you Canadian readers had a fabulous Canada Day weekend! I of course was working the entire time (surprise, surprise), but displaced a couple hours sleep to visit the firework festivities at Canada Place. As silly as I sometimes feel, I love wearing holiday colours. To stay both casual & festive, I simply wore a red Zara shirt, boyfriend jeans, & my usual Michael Kors accessory trio. Here are a couple photos from the evening with Kris & Richard :) 

Nothing says 'Happy Canada Day' like a giant pixelated orca ;)

The only vegan treat I could find on the premises.
The firework finale. The rest was borderline mediocre. Vancouver really needs to step it up in this department. "Hopefully instagram can make these look cool/save these" quoth Richard. Twice.
Masses of people in the streets. No wonder it took me 3x as long to walk home.

I actually have a day off work this week, so my goal is to get the last 200+ comments answered, as well as put up some new posts (including the Jennyfleur Loves... fashion show + new outfit posts). Stay tuned :)