April 30, 2012

Nova Scotia Recap

After a ten day hiatus I'm back to the blogging world! I've been in Nova Scotia the past 10 days, revisiting old haunts & friends in Antigonish, family in Halifax, & examining an endless array of bacterial culture plates in a microbiology lab in Wolfville (you know you're jealous ;). It rained 8 out of 10 days & I was clad in a highly attractive white lab coat for the most part, so hopefully you'll understand why the blog remained untouched. I also had only a point & shoot with me, so my apologies for the lack of photos! 

In a quick recap of my week: 
Antigonish (the quaint little town I went to university in) was fun to revisit; indulging in delicious food at my favourite cafe & playing catch-up with people I haven't seen all year. In Halifax I got to meet one of my newest little cousins, the adorable Sam (whose closet may well rival mine). Finally in Wolfville (where I had to go for a Microbio lab) I eased the pain of poor weather & daily dealings with E.coli with great company & some pretty serious cuisine indulgence. It was my first time visiting the teeny tiny town, which I can now say without a doubt is the most delightful of Maritime towns! The plethora of Victorian houses is to die for, & the restaurants... oh my! I was amazed at the sheer amount of restaurants & bistros (each with vegan menu options, hallelujah!) for such a small population. They were all top notch & highly recommendable. Admittedly we ate out for every single meal. Whether I magically gained 10 lbs in the process remains to be seen haha. It was a lovely time none the less. 

I've got 2 weeks crammed with German lessons ahead of me, but I'm feeling pretty refreshed & ready to get my blogging mojo back. Outfit photos to come tomorrow so stay tuned :)

[A couple quick photos in & around STFX university; obligingly shot by my weekend hostess Jenna Gillis, on our way home from sup Saturday evening]

April 20, 2012

New In: Spike the Punch

Despite my 4 AM mad dash to the airport, I ended up missing my flight to Halifax by literally one minute. Finally here & checked in, I figured I'd get in a quick blog post before my busy weekend! 

I'm so excited to finally show you all the latest edition to my accessory collection - a Rainey necklace by Spike the Punch! These elusive handmade beauties sell out in minutes after being posted on Etsy; in fact I've been trying to get one since the Autumn to no avail. The constant stalking was certainly worth it. When my pink + purple version arrived in the mail last Tuesday I squealed with delight. Not only was it every bit as lovely as I had imagined, it was also packaged delightfully & thoughtfully. Elizabeth, the creator & shop owner, is an absolute doll & I can't say enough wonderful things about her customer service. I'll definitely continue trying to get another colour in the Rainey, & perhaps her Addison necklace as well. My week has been such a whirlwind that I haven't gotten in an outfit post, but you can certainly expect one soon. In the meantime, I'm currently wearing my Rainey necklace to jazz up my colourful airport outfit :)

If you're interested in snagging a Spike the Punch piece for yourself here are the links:

It's boarding time! Have a lovely weekend everyone :)

April 18, 2012

April Snaps

1. Braid from the back
2. Gorgeous snow-capped mountains as far at the eye can see
3. Vegan mini vanilla cupcakes decorated simply for Spring
4. Zen curled up in my bed while I sift through party dresses
5. Organized chaos on my bureau top
6. Slowly but surely infusing my closet with colour

Today's scheduled exam was post-poned so I thought I'd take this as an opportunity to quickly share some random photos from the past couple of weeks. The past few days have been absolutely gorgeous here. The snow is almost completely melted, & rising to a pleasant 21°C,  yesterday was the hottest April 17th in recorded Newfoundland history (as the radio informed me all of 5 times). Besides the glorious sunshine, I've slid back into my daily running routine beautifully, had a delightful day at the Spa (where I ran into my Auntie who was lovely enough to treat me!), & gotten in enough studying to call myself semi-productive. I also received a highly covetable item in the mail, which I'll share with you in my next post :)

With my flight leaving at an ungodly hour Friday morning, my current 'To Do Before I Go' list is mountains high. I'll undoubtedly leave the packing to the very last minute. Later today I'll be entertaining one of my loveliest friends, who I haven't seen since last Summer. Although one afternoon isn't nearly enough time, I'm sure to cram in more life chatter than you can imagine. I'll also be making us a vegan gluten-free Avocado Pesto Pasta for sup (which I only mention because it is the worlds most amazing dish & you absolutely have to try it :)

Thanks for reading! <3 

April 17, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

I'd like to thank the lovely Louise of A Little Beauty Luxury & Joanne of Urhappybunnie, both of whom awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award. I think blogger awards such as this one are a great opportunity to network & increase awareness of other fabulous blogs. 

Award Rules:

Once you have been nominated, you have to nominate 15 other blogs (and let them know they are nominated!), share 7 random facts about yourself, thank the blogger who nominated you, and add the Versatile Blogger Award image to your blog post. 

15 Nominations:

7 Facts:

*Having done this in past award posts, I'm going to skip this section 
(though I encourage any one reposting to do it!)

Once again, a huge thank you to both Louise & Joanne for nominating me. It always feels lovely to receive such recognition for my blogging efforts :) And thanks to all my other readers, without whom this blog would certainly not function! I appreciate each & every comment <3 

April 15, 2012

Sunshine Stroll

It seems like Friday really was Winter's last hurrah. It's been a beauty of a weekend, with sunshine to make up for the minimally warm temperatures. Mom & I went out this morning for a little post-errand stroll, which was enjoyable if not great for photos. The sun was so bright it really makes my skin appear ghastly white. Nonetheless I've been all smiles all day.

It was one of those mornings where you stare blankly at your closet for a solid hour. Time-pressed & in pure frustration, I finally went with my cognac leather shorts, paired with a relatively ancient printed trapeze top (tucked in). Stella & Dot earrings, H&M bangle, H&M x Versace medallion bracelet, Karen Walker Number Six sunnies, & my black Michael Kors ballet flats. Et voila :)

I've another exam coming up this week, so hopefully I'm able to tear myself away from sunshiney outings long enough to cram. I'm just getting back into my running routine & it feels so good I'm finding it hard to sit still for long. I've also been on a huge cooking kick (used this Chef Chloe recipe for vegan Mexicali Sliders today & I highly recommend trying it!).

That's all for now. Hope you've all had a fabulous weekend & thanks for reading! :)

I was wearing:
Belted leather shorts - Vila, via ASOS
Purple printed top - Le Chateau (2006)
Chantilly Lace earrings - Stella & Dot
Cream + Gold Bangle - H&M
Number Six Sunnies - Karen Walker
Gold Medallion bracelet - Versace x H&M
Ballet Flats - Michael Kors

April 13, 2012

Never Ending Snow

Just when I thought the brink of Spring was upon us, it turned into a blizzard. An outfit of the day was out of the question, so I decided to embrace the weather, go outside in the snow, & pretend I'm about 5 years old. It's pretty perfect snow man / snow ball weather... not to mention a silly afternoon study break. Nothing says "safety first" like a pair of 5 inch platform heels (green suede; sadly they were enveloped in snow & unphotographed). Paired with my Soia & Kyo houndstooth coat & my oh so furry white mittens from H&M (acquired during the Versace for H&M event to prevent near frostbite). 

Headed out for a mother-daughter supper + movie date. Have a lovely weekend everyone, & here's hoping your current version of "Spring" isn't quite like this one! 

April 10, 2012

April Flowers

Slowly but surely the snow here in NL is melting & the temperature increasing. Unfortunately that was not the case on Easter Sunday, when my festive outfit (centred around a peach chiffon dress) was considered too weather-inappropriate to be borne. Perhaps May will better suit it, & it shall end up here on the blog after all.

This morning before my German lessons, I decided to photograph the outfit I did wear for Easter: florals to make up for the lack of actual flowers blooming; my faux fur Gorilla jacket to keep me toasty warm & add some texture. Paired with an old pair of salmon-coloured Zara trousers, brown/black crossbody bag, Michael Kors ballet flats, & accessorized simply with my Michael Kors Gold Chronograph watch. Comfortable, but still stylish; & perfect for a family supper.

My Easter comprised of a too-early morning (I was childishly excited for Easter treats), then an afternoon of cooking/baking some vegan dishes with dear Mom. In the evening we had a family supper of 17 crammed around a long-but-not-long-enough table, while entertainment was provided by my favourite inexhaustible 3 year old singing Christmas carols & "playing Halloween" (her self-appointed "costume" being my Gorilla jacket). On the whole, the day was nice & simple. 

This week I'm back to my vigorous study schedule, trying to cram in as much as possible before heading off to Nova Scotia next week. As long as the weather cooperates I'll get in a few more outfit shoots before I go. Until then, I'd love to know what you think of this look! Your heart-felt comments are what keeps this blog going after all :)

I was wearing:
Floral blouse - Zara
Trousers - Zara (old)
Faux fur jacket - Banana Republic
Ballet Flats - Michael Kors
Gold Chronograph Watch - Michael Kors

April 7, 2012

Casual Saturday

I am not now, nor have I ever been (nor I suspect will ever be) a Jeans kinda girl. Jeans are what I wear when I can't stand the dead of winter cold, or on lazy days when I want to haul on something in 2 seconds flat. To be outrightly honest the reason for my jean-dread is they make me horribly self-conscious about my legs (we all have that one thing we dislike about ourselves; that one is mine). But there comes a point when you have to say, the hell with it; this is me, I'll wear what I wear, & be happy about it. So while light-wash jeans & bold lace accentuation might be a strange choice for a self-conscious girl I couldn't help but loving this pair of Silvers. I've only worn them a couple times, but with a cheery mood (ABBA-fueled) & some errands to run, they were what I chose this morning to go with my favourite scuba-esque peplum top.

When I do wear jeans I always like to dress them up a little, particularly with a pair of simple heels. Lately I've been favouring the pointy-toe; ever since digging up several such pairs in my old closet here in NL. As for other accessories, I went with my Vanilla Hamilton Michael Kors bag, gold Chronograph watch by the same, & a fun pastel statement necklace I bought at Zara on my last day in Vancouver. Black Zara military-style jacket to top it off, though with the temperature hovering around 0°C & very little wind, I was actually not freezing without it (desperate Spring hopes of an Atlantic Canadian). 

Celebrating Easter with the fam tomorrow & I'm looking forward to Easter presents, baking some pastel-coloured vegan goodies, & of course the very Easter-esque outfit I have set out. 

How are you spending your Easter weekend? :)

I was wearing:
Lace rip jeans - Silver Jeans
Black peplum top - H&M
Pastel Necklace - Zara
Hamilton Bag - Michael Kors
Gold Chronograph Watch - Michael Kors
Black pointy-toe heels - Spring (old)

April 4, 2012

Out with the Old, In with the New.

With a blizzard raging here in NL today an outfit shoot was pretty much out of the question. Instead I decided to harness my Snow Day productivity into going through my old clothes & organizing it for a future outside of my cluttered closet. I've been a bit of a hoarder all my life so there are legitimately things crammed into dark corners that I've owned since I was four. The "me" two years ago would have fought savagely had down-sizing been suggested, but the current somewhat evolved me has decided to embrace minimalism once & for all* (that being said, you probably won't see me travelling short of 3 suitcases anytime soon). So in the spirit of attachment, organization, & reliving memories via old clothes, I've decided to compile a list of my personal philosophies concerning clothes & shopping. A bit different from my usual repertoire, but here it goes: 

1. Quality over Quantity - this is an obvious rule to live by, but I'll take it a step further. I don't believe in turning your nose up at things simply because they are not expensive, or an esteemed brand. My closet covers a pretty wide spectrum. I have some thrift store purchases that cost all of $1 that I love on par with my designer pieces. That being said, if it's not a good quality fabric I don't care if it's $4 or $400, it isn't entering my closet. Same thing with sizing; if it doesn't fit absolutely perfectly don't kid yourself (unless you have a sewing machine & a knack for thrifty alternations). Try to avoid ribbing (whether on cuffs, necklines, or all over, it will stretch after one wear & never regain it's original shape), 100% cotton in dark colours (terrible for fading), & stiff fabrics which don't hang well. 

2. Buy what you want - No I am not suggesting you dig yourself into a hole of bankruptcy by going on a spree at Herm├Ęs. But when you see something you really love, as long as it's not on an mere impulse, you should have it. If you're reading my blog to begin with, you probably have an interest in fashion, meaning style & clothing are one of the things that makes you happy. Don't mind folks who scoff at you for being materialistic. Everyone likes to spend their money on something, whether it be travelling, nice cars, or decorating their homes. It may seem silly to some people, but a beautiful garment has the power to give me chills; to make me grin like a Cheshire cat. If you the "something" you want is expensive & don't have the money right away, the answer is obvious: save up! Not only will you eventually get that item that gives you confidence & a perma-smile, but you'll also feel good having accomplished a task you worked towards.

3. Don't Compromise - Having worked in a retail environment this is something I witnessed daily: people buying items because they were on sale, because they were such a great "bargain", because they were a cheaper version of something else they liked. Personally I just don't get it. This kind of back's up #3 - buy what you want, don't worry about the money (within reason of course). Why waste money on things you don't absolutely love just because it's "such a great deal". Isn't that fraction of money put to better use saving up for that more expensive item that was love at first sight?

4. Sleep on it - Nobody enjoy's a bout of buyer's remorse. Don't be one of those silly impulse shoppers who tosses & turns all night after a shopping spree & spends either the next day returning the bulk of it, or living with the guilt every time you look at that dress whose price tag will never come off. I wasn't always this way, but nowadays if I'm out shopping & see something I just have to have, I often go home & think about it overnight. I can say without hesitation that I've never regretted an item that I seriously thought about before purchasing. It ensures that you end up with items that you truly love.

5. The 5 Outfit Rule - This is a handy rule I decided to live by last Autumn, when I was despairing over the fact that none of my clothes went together. Basically if you want to buy an item, first come up with a list of at least 5 outfits you could pair it with (aim for 3 outfits if that's a more practical goal for you). That way you don't end up with piles of mismatched clothing; having to buy even more new things just to make the original item wearable. 

6. Ethical Shopping - I had a comment on my last post questioning why I no longer shop at Forever 21. Although this also goes back to the quality vs quantity debate, the questionable ethicality of company practices is the main reason I resist the temptation of a $20 top & an $8 necklace. Unfair labor practices, breaching artistic copyright, the list goes on. If you're interested in reading a bit more into this, this article on ilovewildfox.com has some great links. Of course there are other companies out there which have the same issues, so it's important to do your research. The bottom line for me is that I want to wear something that makes me feel good, & doesn't compromise my personal ethics. I'd rather pay extra to have something that I know was lovingly designed & fairly crafted.

7. Love your clothes & they'll love you back - take care of your clothes! This one seems pretty obvious to me, but I'm surprised at the amount of people I come across who chuck their clothing in the dryer without a second glance. Folks, the dryer is for the immortal durability of towels, not the clothing you put on your back. Dry clean or hand wash it & lay it out to air dry. It will wear 100x better & last you years instead of days. 

I'll leave it at that. Clothing is obviously something I'm pretty passionate about, & I just wanted to put in my own two cents. Any tips or suggestions you might add to my list? I'd really love to know! :)

April 1, 2012

A Hint of Spring

Yes, I wore a crop top in -7°C weather. My mental processes must be baffling. That being said, the sun was shining it's brightest so how could I resist? (Also resulting in a majority of squinty-eyed photos). Instead of going with an overall bright look this morning I decided to infuse a basic/neutral outfit with small hints of Spring colour (pastel yellow satchel; a peachy orange lip). Heather grey & pastel yellow have always been one of my favourite colour combinations, especially for Spring transition looks. 

This look is also chock full of super affordable pieces; the only exception being my Michael Kors ballet flats. H&M satchel & bangle, Joe Fresh printed skirt, & an old F21 crop top with lace cap sleeves (although I no longer shop at F21 for ethical reasons, I must admit I do love this little basic top; particularly for casual summer days... which today is sadly not), & vintage locket necklace. My hair was a tad messy, in pretty much the same wavy state as when I woke up, with a quick spritz of hair spray (I call it my "I'm pretending it's summer & I'm going to the beach & I don't care" hair ;)

It's hard to believe today is April 1st. I wish Mother Nature would say "Just kidding!" & make it Spring/Summer already. That being said there is something about the first of the month that always makes me feel so optimistic & refreshed. I'm about 2 week's ahead of my scheduled "To Do List", off to Nova Scotia in 3 weeks time, & looking forward to other lovely things coming my way (Prada sunnies, JC wedges, & some upcoming travels being among them). Life is pretty good :)

Hope you are all off to a wonderful beginning of April as well! 
As always, thank you so much for reading <3 

I was wearing:
Pastel Yellow Satchel - H&M
Heather grey crop top - F21 (old)
B&W pencil skirt - Joe Fresh (old)
Ballet flats - Michael Kors
Bangle - H&M
 Necklace - Vintage