October 5, 2011

Of everything I am and some things I am not

Hello all :)

I figure as this is my first legitimate blog entry I should provide a little basic info about myself! 

My name is Shawna & I'm a 22 year old who hails from Newfoundland, Canada. The past few years I've been studying nutrition at STFX University in Nova Scotia. I adore all things nutrition-related, follow a vegan diet, & am liable to argue over what's in your fridge/cupboard/grocery cart (unapologetically more often than not). 

Besides NL & NS I've also called Dublin home for a short stint last year, & am currently residing in Vancouver, British Columbia. I'm a bit of a nomad at heart (not to mention avid travel guide book enthusiast), & am hoping to make the move to London in the near future.  I speak English, French (though I'm slow), & am in the process of learning German (one step to yet another dream of moving to Vienna), so comment away & I'm only too happy to translate :)

Other random facts? I'm a confessed quote-aholic, OCD organizer (my closet organization scheme is really a masterpiece to behold), & unforgiving lover of all things girly & cheerful. My favourite colours are mint & peach, I'm 5'5.5'' tall (yes that 0.5 inch is of utmost importance), & I dislike cold weather, overbearingly loud prints, & gossipy chatter. I love books, travel, history, cooking, & quiet mornings. Am I painting a clear enough picture? :)

Fashion & clothing have always been a huge part of my life, & I am genuinely excited to finally begin this blog & put everything I can into it. My personal style & ideas regarding fashion are constantly evolving; I love finding inspiration, even in the uncanniest of places. With this blog I'm hoping to network with some amazing people who have similar interests & spread a little positivity while sharing the things that inspire me.

So there's my ramble for today! My first 'Look of the Day' will be posted shortly so stay tuned.

Musique  ♪  Track you down - Sondre Lerche

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  1. you have great style. I hope that you will follow my blog as well.



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