October 12, 2011

Cold Days

This is definitely one of those days in which all I want to do is curl up in bed, drink something warm, and listen to Regina Spektor.... which is exactly what I've just done! Sometimes lazy days are the nicest.

These photos were taken earlier this morning - I really like this outfit but it clearly wasn't warm or layered enough for the crisp air out there today (Hope the editing isn't too bad; I just quickly did them myself in iPhoto with no apparent method to my madness!)

I was wearing:
Salmon trousers - Zara (old)
Navy batwing top - H&M
Leopard print wedges - Forever 21 (old)
Scarf - Everything, Little Burgundy

As per my last post, I had an interview yesterday... which must have went well because I got the job ;) I start training this Saturday and am really looking forward to it! It's at one of the Banana Republic stores nearby, and I have to pop up there again this afternoon. I noticed some lovely knits in Zara yesterday afternoon and shall probably drop back there for them on my way - something to look forward to!  

Hope you all have a fantastic day! 
<3 Shawna

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