October 31, 2011

All Hallow's Eve

It's still quite early in the morning here and the city is so lovely and quiet. The fact that the sun is shining after countless grey days is also lifting my spirits! I'm off work today as well; so really looking forward to some sort of fun adventure :)

These pictures were taken on Saturday, when I had my 'day of Halloween fun' - I love this outfit because it's comfy, stylish & festive without being over the top. And surprisingly enough, I actually didn't freeze to death wearing this sheer lace top outside while these photos were taken (though I did wear my favourite Zara coat later, to run errands). 

A few things about the outfit - absolutely love this lace tee I got from American Apparel ages ago. It is super versatile & can be paired with just about anything. The pleated skirt is something I recently ordered online from Forever 21, & even though it is size XS it is ridiculously too big & will only stay up with a belt (hence the medallion belt). I had intended to return it but they apparently only do online returns via return mail & not at local stores (fail). Continuing on.... the white bandeau was an oversight on my part; I didn't realize how much it stood out until afterwards when I saw the pictures on my computer. In retrospect I should have gone for a black one instead of just grabbing the first one in arms reach. And finally the Michael Kors items - one of my favourite designers, I absolutely love getting new MK pieces. The gold chronograph watch has been one of my favourite accessories for over a year now; the black MK loafers are a newer addition to my wardrobe and I must say I absolutely adore them! Super comfortable and cute. And that is that!  

This little critter watched our photoshoot from quite near - but when the camera turned on him, he went on the run!


I was wearing:
Lace tee - American Apparel
Pumpkin pleat skirt - Forever 21
Belt - Sale bin somewhere in Ireland I can't recall...
Black loafers - Michael Kors
Gold Chronograph Watch - Michael Kors
White Bandeau - Garage

Now I'm off to start my day and get a little more in the festive spirit. Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!
<3 Shawna


  1. adorable beautiful girl ! love!!!<333

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