December 4, 2011

A little inspiration

With 5 long days in a row of work behind me I am one exhausted girl! I'm really looking forward to my next 2 days off, & am starting tonight with some relaxing classic movies like Casablanca, Sabrina, & The African Queen - delightful! :) As per the usual fatigued mind, inspiration is key. So I'd like to share with you, my lovely readers, some photos which have been particularly inspiring to me recently! 

Ankle cuffs - probably my favourite trend right now! This photo via Tuula Vintage.

The stunning Kristina of Kayture.  
Via Stockholm Streetstyle
Gorgeous details by Paula of Apple Blosson and The City.
Velvet wedges I'd just about die for....
How brilliant is this polka dot dress?! One of many lovely looks by Daniella of LellaVictoria.
Precisely my dream hair, a la Valentino.
More striking polka dots adorn this unqiue Stella McCartney jumpsuit. Worn by Valentina of Factory Style.

And that's that! What has been inspiring you lately & where have you found it? Please share, I'd love to know! :)


  1. yes you're right this is so inspiring!
    i loved the details from Paula...she is gorgeous ;)

  2. Beautiful photos! Love all the sequins :)

  3. Aw honey i can't believe you featured me in your post,i am very flattered!! I had no idea i was just about to comment when i noticed :) And you have defiantly made my day! I especially love the the outfit with the mustard coloured top by Acne and the way she has styled it,so chic!

    Take care my dear,Daniella xox

  4. i like the shoes from 1st pic, the white dress for 2nd and the blue wedges. Just amazing pictures.


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