December 27, 2011

Christmas Cheer // New In

I hope each & every one of you had a fantastic Christmas - here are some bits & pieces of mine :)

Christmas doggies :)
Delicious tofurkey! 
And here are some of the lovely little gifts I received:

A Zara faux fur vest I've had my eye on for awhile - can't wait to wear this one!
So much velvet! 
This was the first Christmas away from my family, so there were many changes & admittedly, much homesickness. I called my Mom about 10 times, & skyped with my entire family; so that certainly helped. All the same, I did have a lovely time. So much delicious vegan food, delightful gifts, & (at my demand) plenty of christmas movies :) 

Tomorrow is our last day in Ottawa; then back to Vancouver & 'real life'. Between obligations & cold weather we have been very poor tourists in this city, so tomorrow I am really hoping for a solid day of exploring downtown & the Parliament buildings. 

For now however, I'm off to curl up with a blanket & a good movie. Have a wonderful evening! <3 


  1. Your Christmas looks so perfect! And the photo's are gorgeous too.x

  2. Lovely pictures! Really nice presents you've gotten there :-)

    Camilla, Scent of Fashion

  3. Hey. Thanks!!! It was amazing to be able to go home for Christmas but it was way to short and very hard to come back to vancouver.

    It looks like you had a great Christmas as well with lots of great gifts. I can't wait to see more. But I guess you also missed your family. I hope that you are doing ok! Its hard especially this time of year.

    Safe flight back!!!

  4. love the velevet skirt and top! cant get enough velvet at this time of year =]

    The foturkey also looks yummy!

    Tanesha x

  5. Great photos! What type of camera do you use?

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  6. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas too! Your doggies are so cute! And I love that red clutch!
    Following!! - follow me! xo

  7. love the skirt color! :)

  8. Waw all his gifts . Very nice decoration anyway , i love u're blog :)


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