December 3, 2011

X-Ring: My Favourite Accessory

In honour of the Feast Day of Saint Francis Xavier I'd like to share a little personal tidbit with you about my X-Ring. Calling it my favourite accessory is somewhat of an understatement… it's probably my most treasured material item; and for good reason. If you've followed my blog or lookbook you've probably seen it sparkling on my right hand - the large gold ring emblazoned with the bold black X.

If you're wondering it's significance; it's actually my university ring, that of STFX University in Nova Scotia, Canada. From your first day of classes in your first year, you count down the 1188 days until X-Ring. And every December 3rd, 4th year students attend the event which is touted as one of the most important in your life.

Any Xavierian will proudly explain to you that it's the 3rd most renowned/recognized ring in the world (after the Pope's ring & the Superbowl ring of course). If you take notice of someone's X-Ring you'll likely win them over in a heartbeat. Although the monetary value is hefty, it's something that has to be earned to be worn & therein lies it's real value among all my other prized possessions. It's also the most amazing networking piece. Anywhere I've ever travelled I've run into at least one STFX graduate or someone who is related to one. It truly is a family affair. 

So, happy 1st birthday to my X-Ring & a huge shout-out to the entire Xavierian family - I miss you & am so proud to be part of such a wonderful, enduring tradition. <[X]>

Here are some photo's from last year's event - the dress is by Betsey Johnson (aka my 80's prom dress ;)

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  1. Great blog and beautiful photos!<3


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