December 17, 2011

The Art of Travel [Packing]

As much as I love travelling, admittedly I'm a pain to travel with. I over-pack, can barely roll my multiple suitcases with any form of grace, & always forget at least one thing, despite endless list-making. I also always get hung up in airport security (just happened); and my flights often get delayed (just happened). I'm sure one day I'll figure out the travel secret...

M: "You're going to dance around on Parliament Hill chanting 'Kittens on my feet' aren't you?"
Me: "Maybe...."

My Macbook Pro & some accessories; the Versace H&M box is crammed full of random earrings & bracelets grabbed at the last minute. 

And my second carry-on piece? Oh hello beautiful new Michael Kors bag! It's the Hamilton model in Vanilla with gold hardware. It actually weighs a tonne on it's own, so I tried to put only the essentials into it for the flight. Hoping to finally get my Christmas cards written up; especially as I forgot to bring headphones for movie-watching... Oops...

And last but not least - my outfit for the flight! I always dress up & wear heels when travelling; but today I thought of Jenna Marbles recent video & opted for something more practical ;)

Well it's finally time to board, so I'll update you tomorrow during my first day in Ottawa! Thank you so much for reading & please feel free to comment away - I'd love to know what your take is on travel packing/dressing!



  1. packing is always so difficult. i bring a lot of layering items so i'm prepared for any type of weather. i'm defo all about the comfy (but cute!) outfit for the plane ride :)

  2. Adore your bag and watch<3333 Lovely! :)

  3. I also overpack just in case the weather changes or something unexpected comes up.

    HAHA, love Jenna Marbles :D xx

  4. great packing style, lovely stuffs too..!!! love love love it... enjoyed your blog, following you now..

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  5. Omg your new bag is gorgeous!!!! Perfect choice!! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox


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