December 19, 2011

Ottawa for the Holidays

As afore-mentioned, this year I'll be spending Christmas in Ottawa. We arrived late Saturday night & have been in constant motion ever since. Between random trips into Quebec, neighbourhood Holiday parties, and extensive museum browsing, I am exhausted! Really looking forward to relaxing tonight; watching Christmas movies & catching up on my Bloglovin' :)

I'll share with you photos of the Holiday Dinner Party hosted here last night, as well as some touring of the city (Parliament buildings pictured above) & the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec. 

Finally a Christmas tree! Delightful :)

So many delicious snacks :)

....and of course, a lot of Christmas cheer ;)

Navy & Cream + Michael Kors +Kitten Lita's (sorry for the poor Museum lighting!)

Spirit of the Haida Gwaii


An incredible model of Sainte Anne de Beaupré

This morning I looked at my suitcase in absolute dismay. It's so cold here, I feel like I have nothing remotely weather appropriate to wear. From Saturday in Vancouver, to Sunday in Ottawa, the temperature dropped a whopping 24 degrees - so when I went out this morning I was much less concerned by my outfit of many colours than staying warm & cosy. Multiple warm-weather accessories not shown here ;) 

I'm really looking forward to relaxing & enjoying this Christmas holiday. Once it starts snowing (soon, fingers crossed!) I'm going to build a snowman/fort, have a photoshoot in a winter wonderland, & of course do some holiday baking!

How are you spending your holidays?


  1. beautiful pictures! i really love christmas:)

  2. love the christmas tree!!:-)

    such a nice atmosphere in these pictures!!


  3. Thanks for stopping by! =) What a cute blog! Ottawa is so pretty! Was there last winter! Happy Holidays - follow me! xo

  4. Such a pretty tree and I've been to that museum a few times! I loved the totem poles, haha.

  5. Enjoy your stay with your family!
    Love your outfit and the bag especially!

    Style Lounge

  6. Beautiful photos!seems like fun)

  7. woww what a beautiful christmas tree and I'm totally loving your outfit!!! :D


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