March 3, 2012

Jennyfleur Loves on the East Coast

Presenting my first 'look of the day' shot here in Newfoundland! Despite the generally picturesque surroundings, it's unbelievably complicated to find a good place to take photos. Snowbanks which are storeys high block the view; the roads themselves are muddy. On top of that it's been swinging between -10 & - 26; needless to say I wasn't as picky with photos as I normally would be. Dear Mom was obliging enough to take these; she's just begun a photography course & seems enthusiastic to have me as her guinea pig ;) 

Now, more about the outfit! Recall this post from January, when I visited the fabulous Jennyfleur Loves boutique in Vancouver? Well the three lovely items I purchased that day are the basic components of this outfit (shorts, blouse, sunnies). Simple & comfortable, with a pop of polka dot print, & my favourite vibrant red shorts. The sunnies, albeit tortoise mismatching,  were absolutely necessary - the snow makes things incredibly bright & hard on the eyes. A pair of black Prada Baroque sunnies are definitely a must on my current 'wish list'. The bag is quite the oldie, a purchase from Calgary in 2006 (the perks of returning home to a second closet).

My mind is lusting for Spring & missing the warmth of Vancouver. Perhaps I subconsciously chose this outfit of primarily Vancouver-bought pieces? Either way, I shan't be on the East Coast for that much longer, so I'll make the best of it! I'll show you some gorgeous Newfoundland scenery in the next day of two, as soon as a get a chance to do some exploring around :)

I was wearing:
Red pleated shorts + belt - Dolce Vita (Jennyfleur Loves)
Cut-out shoulder polkadot blouse - Moon Collection (Jennyfleur Loves)
Number Six Round Sunnies - Karen Walker (Jennyfleur Loves)
Black Paloma Wedges - Dolce Vita
Collar Necklace - F21
Bag - Lammle's Western Wear (Calgary)


  1. Woah looks cold in Newfoundland, def contrast to here in London. I ain't been to Canada in 10 years but I can def remember it being very cooold. I dunno how you could withstand the cold when taking this pic,but I'm glad you did as I love your outfit!

  2. Loving the cut out shoulders on the top, so pretty! The shorts are gorgeous too, note to self, must visit this boutique!

  3. Beautiful blouse and bag!!

  4. These pictures definitely make me miss 'real' winter. Though I bet if I got it, I would feel the same as you. It's more a romantic desire for snow than anything.

  5. What a pretty bridge! I like your coat, too. Your poor shoulders must have been so cold!

  6. This outfit is beyond adorable, especially set against the snowy backdrop. Can't decide if I love the red shorts more or the blouse with the cut-out shoulders!!! xo

  7. Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    ooo i can just imagine how cold it must be standing there without a jacket! if it helps you look quite comfortable!

    where are you headed to after the east coast?

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  8. Your mom does some great photography! Wish mine did too...haha sometimes I hire her to do my outfit shots and she always has a knack for making the photos crooked. Lol maybe I'll sign her up from some photography courses!
    Adore this cute look, that polka dot blouse with the shoulder cut-outs is fabulous! <3
    Really love the brightness and how you mixed the red shorts in.

    Don't miss out on the giveaway at my blog!

  9. Gorgeous outfit! I really like the collar necklace and your shorts!
    Yay for your mum enjoying having you as a guinea pig :)

    You did well with finding a beautiful scenery for your shoot! Can't wait to see more! Love snow :)


  10. lovin the polka dot top and the striking RED against the snow , chic job hun xoxo

  11. It looks absolutely freezing but I love what I can see of the scenery, I can't wait to see more of it! I love your blouse, polka dots are one of my favourite prints. xx

  12. What a beautiful blouse.. adore the colour, and most certainly the print! Also the cut out detailing is just beautiful too.x

  13. I love the colors in this outfit! that cut out top is pretty awesome too.

    A Southern Drawl

  14. So adorable. I love your blouse!
    Great look :)

  15. God! How cold it is there!! Anyway you're rocking the weather. Cool shades, coat, shirt, everything! :)

  16. Wow! I love the contrast of this gorgeous Spring-y outfit next to all the snow. I couldn't imagine dealing with such a cold climate, but you seriously don't look all that cold in these pictures. The appearance is one that makes for such pretty pictures. Oh, and that bag is awesome by the way.


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