March 2, 2012

Spring Things

Floral pussybow blouse, Zara

In a winter world you have to get your Spring fix somewhere. For me, it's these lovely bright & pastel pieces, purchased on my last day in Vancouver.

A pastel yellow mini satchel, H&M 
Multi-colour statement necklace, Zara
Pastel purple trousers from H&M which I love to pieces! Skinny bottoms with zipper detail too :) 
And this straight-cut pocket detail which I adore as well!
There was another item bought with this set, a pretty cream & gold bangle from H&M. It's currently missing in action sadly. I figured it might simply be lost in the depths of my multiple suitcases, but I was rather disheartened after today's unpacking marathon. I've still a couple cases to go through, so fingers crossed it shows up. 

So those are my lovely new Spring items! Now my only challenge is to incorporate these pretty pastels & florals into a winter appropriate look which also keeps me warm. As long as the gorgeous sunshine continues to cooperate I'll be getting in a photo shoot tomorrow, so stay tuned :)

***One last camera-related note: Many of you have asked me about the camera I generally use. Prior to my last post (aka Vancouver time) all my photos have been taken with a Nikon D7000 (which I love to pieces). For the next couple of months I'll be borrowing my Mom's Canon Rebel T2i. Admittedly I'm a Nikon girl & I have a bit of an aversion to this new Canon; however I do have a tonne of lenses to play with, so it should be a great learning experience none the less! 


  1. All those items are so lovely :)especially the purple trousers!


  2. I love the satchel! The color's so lovely!

  3. Oooo such lovely buys sweetie!!! Super looking forward to seeing how you wear them! I especially love the blouse and the mini satchel :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

    p.s hope your bracelet shows up :)

  4. I love those trousers, so nice to see some colour! Oh I find playing with camera lenses so much fun, it's really interesting to see the different angles and depths of field you can get haha~ ox

  5. loving the trousers! can't wait to see them in an outfit!

  6. great picks! those pant are going to look awesome on you! x

  7. LOVE these spring picks! <3
    Seriously, every single one is perfect. I adore the neon yellow satchel and pastel necklace especially.

  8. These are gorgeous Spring picks! Sorry I missed out on your departure story; had no idea you were leaving Vancouver...

  9. Shawna you need to fly over to London and go shopping with me, I love your finds!

  10. Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    this just made me SO excited for spring. what beautiful pastel colours!

    i may have to head to h and m today and grab those purple pants. they're fabulous!!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  11. Ah what stunning colour - I love love love this post. Hope your enjoying the NL winter :S

  12. i am honestly in love with everyone of these pieces!! i am SO glad you bought all of them. and i actually really excited to see what you wear with those purple pants! just stay warm while you do it :) miss you lots!!! keep up the wintery posts while you can, i love them <3

    love Kristine

  13. Amazing spring items! the satchel is so nice :)

  14. Really lovely, bright coloured things for the spring ♥

    I've loved catching up with your blog here,
    I was on a short break away from the computer and here's so much to see & read! ^^

    Thank you for the comment sweetie! ^^
    Have a lovely day,

    - Indie by Heart

  15. Oh, Shawna, you scored some amaaazing items! I can't even pick a favorite, or narrow them down because they're all so perfectly pretty! I love pastels. That necklace looks fabulous next to those pants. And oh, that yellow satchel!! Swoon ♥ And I could have every pussybow blouse on the planet and I'd never get tired of them.


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