March 1, 2012

True Winter & Notions of 'Home'

First of all - my apologies for the terribly rushed last post! It was written at the airport so speedily that I instantly forgot what I wrote & worried over poor content & the possibility of grammar mistakes my entire flight. As far as I can tell I merely missed out on telling you half of what I wanted to, & used the word 'amazing' far too many times haha. 

But that was days ago. Today I'm settling in, unpacking things at a glacial pace & taking everything in. The snow, the familiar people & places, the prospect of this big change in general. Despite all efforts to stay positive, my second thoughts kicked in the minute I hit Toronto. The plane arrived in Newfoundland to a balmy - 24ºC.... how delightful! I've been in some state of freezing ever since, combating the cold with layering on as much clothing as possible (key example above). Kitten lita's unfortunately aren't the best of snow gear (key example below). Today was gorgeously sunny however, so my highly enthusiastic mom & I decided to drive about looking for photo op's. Unfortunately the roads were so bad & the snow banks so high that we didn't exactly get what we were looking for. Perhaps another day! 

I've been thinking a lot about the concept of 'home' recently. The city pictured above is the place I first called 'home' but I hesitate to apply that term to it now. It's been 5 years since I lived here permanently & 'home' has been between Nova Scotia, Ireland, & Vancouver; wherever I was living at the time. I've always considered myself a bit of a nomad & don't think I've found the perfect place quite yet. Maybe it doesn't even exist. The 'home' that's on my mind mostly is a quaint flat in London or Vienna. Hopefully it'll materialize sooner rather than later ;) 

For now I'm substituting the snow of NL for the rain of Vancouver; the winter scenery for the shopping; the basic foods for the organic ones. I'm missing the incredible people I left behind in Vancouver most of all. Hopefully I shall see them all again soon! Until then I'm taking comfort in a constantly filled fridge, my big cosy bed with fleece sheets, & a chauffeur + magically gas-refilling car ;) Last night I had a fabulous catch-up with an old friend over dinner & wine, & surprised my grandparents with a visit. Today I was treated to a dance performance by my favourite 3 year old & revelled in the adorable antics of my much-missed kitty. Things could be much worse! Tonight I intend to bake a delicious casserole, then curl up & watch the third season of Californication in bed. Hopefully tomorrow the jetlag will be over & I can get focused on my German coursework! I sense some serious productivity coming my way. After all what else is there to do on a glacial day?

Questioning my sanity for being outside in such cold! I layered my black military style coat with my faux fur vest (both from Zara) & paired it with my kitten lita's (my winter-worthy footwear being pretty limited... will definitely be investing in some new shoes asap!) & Karen Walker sunnies. Thick winter pants are also lacking in my wardrobe currently; so I settled on these ancient bellbottom pants. Hopefully this cold snap will end soon so I can brave the outside sans coat for photos!

Tomorrow I'll share my lovely new Spring purchases with you! 
Expect some serious contrast from the wintery photos above ;)


  1. So glad to hear you have settled in safely my dear!!!! Wow look at all that snow!!! You have done an amazing job of still looking so so chic and stylish whilst surrounded by all that snow! Love the vest layered over that gorgeous jacket! :) Look forward to seeing your new purchases :)

    Daniella xox

  2. These photos are beautiful.. Look at all the snow! Super jealous, it makes me want to head back to the Alps again!x

  3. These photos are gorgeous. You're lucky to have the oppurtunity to travel and visit such different places. I too dream of calling home in a small flat in London at some point of my life, but I don't want to stay in the same area fo my whole life, I like chage~ ox

  4. Oh man, that looks freezing! Haha, awesome photos.
    Its coming down here too, although nothing like the amount you've gotten.
    LOVE the faux fur you're rocking. And layering it over the military jacket looks fab <3

  5. These photos are so pretty, but just looking at them makes me cold! And love the faux fur vest, it looks awesome on you!

  6. Omg, I could not deal with all that snow. I haaate it. It really affects my desire to live out my bubbly attitude via bubbly dresses and quirky heels. I noticed your kitten litas in the first shot before you even said what they were! I've got a JC eye like no other. :)
    I really enjoyed this post and all the talk about 'home' since I too consider myself a nomad, or as I like to call it, a tumbleweed. I haven't lived in my hometown since I was 18 (10 years ago) and every time I go back I wish terribly for it to feel like home again, but it never does. I feel like a visitor. I've grown to live for that excitement in moving from city to city, state to state. I got that from being in the military. I feel the same way as you, as far as maybe one day I'll get to a place and just know that it's home, but so far I don't feel that yet with the places I've lived. Not that I haven't enjoyed the time spent in each place. I really have always wanted to try out London, or go back and try living in the Netherland Antilles in Curacao. I think I could happily call that home for many years. :)
    Anyway, I got off on a tangent, but it's only because I related so much to this post.
    I also liked your Karen Walker sunnies! I miss Will and Grace!!
    Have a wonderful day, and enjoy being around your family again.

  7. Glad you are doing well. The scenery is beautiful and you have a fantastic attitude! Can't wait to see your spring purchases soon : )

    Danielle xo

    PS I'm with you on the flat in London. That's my dream "home" too!

  8. Beautiful snaps!!!

    I totally understand you not feeling like you are at home even though once it was "home". I share the same sentiments, but essentially, home is where you feel "at home", not where it should be :)


  9. Love your winter look, super chic despite the new chilly temperatures! xo

  10. OoO i love the fur! and the snow all around you is so amazing.. i need some snow in my life =(


  11. Lovelyyy, wow!!! Super love the look! awesome, and you are so beautiful dear!

  12. looks beautiful there! I've never been!

  13. Amazing scenery and outfit!<3

  14. It's hard to tell, but I think I spy amazing shoes under your flared pants! ;)

    xo Jennifer


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