March 7, 2012

Snowy Atlas Mountains

However much I abhor the cold, I can't help but love the scenery I'm currently surrounded by. I definitely don't consider this an outfit post, just a little "this is my life currently & this is what I happen to be wearing" sort of thing. For those of you who follow me regularly, the pants & satchel are both recent purchases, from H&M. I envisioned the fun purple pants (which definitely need to be paired with heels as you can tell by the excess length) more so paired with white mary-jane wedges & a summery top, but Newfoundland is a far cry from Spring still. Please forgive my lack of smiles & red nose, as it was truly excruciatingly cold!

All in all though, we had a lovely afternoon. Driving among the endless snow-capped mountains, listening to Elton John & Regina Spektor with dear Mom; stopping every five minutes for photos. I must say however, no photo can do it justice. You're constantly surrounded by mountains & ocean & frosted trees. I don't know about you, but being in the midst of something so tranquil & naturally beautiful really makes me feel glad to be alive. 

Bottle Cove itself, one of my favourite spots in the world. You can't really encompass the entire thing, as I was shooting with a zoom lens, but it's truly amazing. The beach is lovely in the summer time; as are dare-devil antics of climbing out among the cliffs.

"All you need is love" .... And perhaps a pair of socks?

**One last note: I've gotten a bit of feedback over the past week stating that some readers have been unable to post comments on my blog recently. It's something that I'll be looking into over the next few days, as it's an incredibly frustrating issue. In the meantime, if you do experience problems with my comment box I'd really appreciate an email letting me know ( Thank you for your patience & thank you for reading! :)


  1. Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    aye yai yai! your feet must have been frozen! what we don't do for fashion.

    i can't get over the photos. the background is JUST as beautiful as the vancouver mountains! your very very lucky. it's stunning.

    thats interesting you were shooting with a zoom lense. one came with my camera for free, and i never know when to use it/how to use it always stays put in my camera bag.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  2. Girl you are stuning! I love those pants, the color suits you well~ And that coat looks so nice and cozy too. :)
    I feel you on photos never doing justice to a scenerey. I feel like nothing ever looks as pretty as it does from a pair of eyes.
    I want to hang out in the snow with you!!


  3. I adore this outfit and how the pretty colors look against the cold and gloomy weather! xo

  4. Love your satchel! Beautiful color and design!

  5. What beautiful photos,the scenery is incredible! Loving those purple Trousers and gorgeous satchel!!!

    Take care honey,Daniella xox

  6. wauw what a scenery! Can't believe you're wearing ballerina's! crazy :D

  7. Just found your blog, now following :)
    Love the scenery in these pics, and you are so pretty! Love your piercing eyes! (and yellow satchel!)

  8. I love the whole outfit! so chic! x

  9. Ha! Yes, love and socks! I love how the purple and yellow pop in your gray snowy landscape!

  10. Oh my god what a scenery!Your outfit is so cute:)
    Love everything about it xx

  11. Amazing outfit. Your bag is awesome!!!


  12. Oh, Shawna, I love this outfit so much! I like how you were able to still have all the color even with a large black coat. When I wear my black coat, I notice that I end up wearing darker colors, only because I never think that I could add so much brighter tones like you've done here. Thanks for showing me it's possible! I'm going to keep these pictures in mind next time I wear it!


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