November 12, 2011

LOOKBOOK: Strangeness & Charm

Hello dears! 

My apologies for not getting my posts up yesterday as promised - I had completely forgotten it was Remembrance Day the night before. The minute I woke up I jumped out of bed, got ready rather too quickly & headed to the city centre to meet a friend for the Vancouver RD ceremony. From there I had a rather productive morning (errands) & an equally unproductive evening (christmas movies, catching up on blogs, & eating a delicious feast of which I cooked not a morsel). 

My 'Look of the Day' for November 10th is now posted on Lookbook. Please hype if you like it! :) 


Hoping to get in another photoshoot today, as well as the afore-promised purchase post! Hope everyone out there is having a fantastic weekend :)

<3 Shawna


  1. Those shoes are awesome! And what a cute bag!

  2. I love your outfit!!!

    Take care,Daniella xox


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