November 2, 2011


Florence + the Machine's new album 'Ceremonials' has been dominating my iTunes as of late, and has been the perfect remedy for what has become a far too frequent case of 'the lazy grey day' - explanation required? Basically, the weather has been unforgivingly grey and bland as of late, forcing me into a state of laziness. As delightful as it may be to watch movies non-stop, browse lookbook + bloglovin to death, and wander aimlessly around the city; it has been putting a serious dent in my productivity. 'To Do' list 85, Shawna 0.

Fortunately this afternoon listening to Florence has somehow inspired me to get organized and tidied up. My 'To Do List' has been expanded and prioritized, and thankfully I'm feeling quite positive about it (rather than pure terror over the the shear amount of things I have to do).

I'm actually looking forward to getting things organized, redecorating the apartment, and putting some serious effort into my coursework. Not to mention some more social events on my calendar :)

And that's that. Basically a ''Dear Self: Please continue to be productive'' post to keep me motivated. I actually have to be at work in an hour and am not even close to ready, so off I go!

Hope you all have a wonderful (& productive ;) day!

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