November 6, 2011

Vancouver Fashion Week SS12 - Part I

Hello hello :)

I'd just like to start with a little about my day! Unfortunately I've never really gotten the hang of Daylight Savings time, so confusion reigned when I woke up this morning; whether I would be early/late/on-time for our Holiday Staff Meeting at work. Fortunately I did make it on time after all & despite the early hour it was interesting to see everyone, devour what I could of the breakfast provided, & learn a little about our upcoming Holiday collection (stay tuned tomorrow for a post about this!). Then onto brunch with two lovely ladies (& fellow STFX grads) at Gorilla Foods, which serves amazing raw vegan food. Throw in a gorgeous sunshiney day with coloured leaves, city wanderings, and voila - you've got my relaxing Sunday afternoon!

Now on to the real business at hand - Vancouver Fashion Week! I attended 6 shows last night (with my lovely co-worker & student of fashion, Kris :) & had a fabulous time....

Not particularly digging this photo of me but it's the only one we managed to get, so here it is...
The shows we saw included Belinda Liu, Hachung Lee, Jose Jhan, Rajadano, Maria Peligro, & Claire O'Connor - all international designers & quite the eclectic bunch as you can imagine. Two were mens collections, one handbags, and the remaining were women's. Camera glued to face, I took just over 700 photos. Unfortunately 3/4 of them blurred (those models walk far too fast!) & I had quite the ordeal going through them all this evening. To get them all in without overwhelming you lovely readers, I've decided to post them in two parts. Also, I apologize for the quality of some of the photos (I am not the most skilled with a camera, no matter how fancy it is!).

Without further ado, here are the first 3 shows:

Belinda Liu is a designer from Romania, who presented her AW 11 collection at London Fashion Week last winter.
I've never been a huge fan of prints such as this one, but I do love the cut of this dress with it's fitted waist, maxi length, and half-sleeve.
Really love the fitted waistlines of these dresses, and the neckline detail of this one in particular.

This was my favourite Belinda Liu piece (with palazzo pant, not skirt bottom as you'd think from this photo) - the only issue with this however was sizing; the neckline was too wide & the poor model had to hold it closed most of the show.

 I really enjoyed the blue transparent pieces of this collection in particular. They made me think fondly of 'I dream of Jeannie' reruns. I wasn't sold on many of the other pieces in this collection however. Although each piece was lovely on it's own, I did find the overall collection was a bit 'all over the place' in terms of style and flow.

Hachung Lee is a Korean designer, who showed his contemporary men's collection. The instant I saw the clothes I thought 'Samuri-esque!' & indeed, on his website Hachung describes his collection as 'Korean warrior' in style.

Admist all the black and white I loved this pop of vibrant red!
Loving those hats.

Next up, Jose Jhan! A Dominican designer, his mens collection was beyond fun. There was a huge variety in colours, patterns, and fabrics - and the upbeat south american music was perfect to set the tone.

Absolutely fell in love with this pastel plaid blazer & short set. Combined with slicked back hair & thick-framed glasses - such a fun look!
A really cool mens cape, which had bright red detailing on the front pockets. Not to mention... hello feather in hat! :)
I was in raptures after seeing this red VELVET blazer. I am currently obsessing over all things velvet and this bright red beauty made me smile like a chesire cat! 

Hope you've enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed attending the shows & seeing these talented designers showcase their works! I'll post Part II of the evening shortly :)


  1. ah darling these are fabulous! so glad you had a great time

  2. Very cute look!


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