November 6, 2011

Vancouver Fashion Week SS12 - Part II

Hello again lovely followers!

Continuing on from my last post, here are the latter 3 shows I attended last night at Vancouver Fashion Week - Rajadano, Maria Peligro, & Claire O'Connor:

First up is Rajadano - a collection of ethnic handbags for women. I really like the philosophy their product -
 "Rajadano aims to contribute to the revival of ethnic handcrafts, bringing history's vibrant cultures within reach of the modern day fahionista. Traveling around the world our one-of-a-kind handbags portray the beauty and individuality of a different ethnic group's cultural heritage each year."
The bags were vibrant, colourful... and beyond difficult to photograph on a runway! The silky scarves which adorned each models head were what really caught my eye however. With feather trim on each colourful piece, I instantly fell in love. That being said, this was probably my least favourite show; simply because I find accessory-focused shows can be a little too repetitive. 

The long teal/gold clutch on the far left was my favourite piece in this collection.

Maria Peligro (a Mexican designer I think, but don't quote me on that one) was probably my personal favourite of the evening. Her SS12 collection had a lot of variety yet it wasn't all over the place; each piece was complimentary to the collection as a whole. She showed quite a few bodysuit pieces, lots of ruffles, and some really fun geometric detailing.

This one is unfortunately blurry, but I loved it so posted it regardless!
I truly love this one so much. The colours & style remind me of a 1950's American pep-rally :)

This was my favourite of the bodysuits - I love the ruffled shoulders which partially cover the pink sleeves!
Hello striped flared pants! Such a fun piece; and I love the flowy crop top they are paired with.

Several of the models had those metal bird sculptures, which were quite interesting. Also of note in this collection were some pieces which I didn't manage to photograph well enough: an bright orange shift dress which I would wear in a heartbeat; a mushroom-coloured jumpsuit; a futuristic dress reminiscent of a 60's mod flight attendant; & finally, several romantic-style dresses with fitted waists, flowy maxi lengths, & whimsical light grey & pink colours. Loved it, end of discussion.

Claire O'Connor was the last designer we saw. As you can probably guess from her name, she is Irish & her designs are based in Dublin (instant brownie-points for me). 

This was probably my favourite piece of Claire's collection - the structured shoulders in and of themselves are reason enough. I also loved the rich winter green colour and white fitted waist detail.

About half of the collection was comprised of 'Impressionism-print' silk dresses, similar to this one. I did love the variety of necklines and sleeves, however I found this part of the collection a little too repetitive.

The neck and waist/belt pieces were made of leather & cut into some pretty fascinating designs!

And here is a quick shot of the designer herself - super cute & bashful, I had to be quick to catch a photo of her. Looking every bit the tiny Irishwomen, Claire O'Connor popped out for the quickest bow ever. She was adorable and made me smile so much!

And so there you have it folks - photos & commentary from my Vancouver Fashion Week experience! I've had more than my share of typing for the night so I'll leave it there. I'm off to make a late-night snack & potentially kick-off my festive holiday movie-watching obsession.... we shall see :) 

Good night lovely followers & thank you so much for reading! 
<3 Shawna


  1. Already looking forward to Spring 2012 Fashions. Great Post!!!

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  2. lovely blog! so great to see awesome cdn fashion!!

  3. I love the layers of ruffles in some of these pieces. But, they have to be perfectly placed, otherwise they'll a bit unflattering. These look well done :)

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  4. it's very futurist collection :)


  5. This is incredible! So jelly of your fashionable event going ;)

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  8. Looks great! Love the cute oversized red sweater x

  9. Really nice post! All these pieces look so great, I especially liked Maria Peligro :)

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  10. love canada and the shows!


  11. wow, this is your photo? Nice, wow

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