November 23, 2011

LOOKBOOK: The night starts here

Here is my latest post - please hype if you like it! :)

As for today, I'm off to work in a few hours with a looming 9 hour shift ahead of me. Fortunately the store is having an event so it should be quite busy & interesting! The event, Holiday Style in the City, is being hosted by Banana Republic & Vancouver guest bloggers, Anya Georgijevic & Kelsey Dundon. There will be complimentary cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, & shopping discounts; so if you're in the city please stop by! :)

Wishing you all a fabulous day <3 


  1. Love your outfit! You have a great style!
    xx so

  2. Perfect combination. I loved it. U are so beautiful.
    Kisses Raquel!!!

  3. Beautiful skirt :)
    Kisses :*

  4. First time in your blog and I'm loving it!
    I gonna follow you!!

    Follow me back

    Tiago Aleixo
    @the3rt on twitter

  5. Love your look!


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