September 8, 2012

Seattle Photo Diary

Because I have a handful of new posts to share with you guys, I figure my best bet is to start out chronologically with a photo diary of my recent trip to Seattle. We made the trip a couple weeks ago for my 23rd birthday & had a fantastic time. We did all the touristy stuff we could possibly cram in, & ate an appalling amount of food. The trip was definitely a success & made me even more excited (if that's possible) to return to Europe & be a shameless tourist there.

Seattle's iconic Pike Place Market
Giant vegan cinnamon roll - birthday breakfast of champions
Doing my touristy thing with Pike Place Market's unofficial mascot (In retrospect this doesn't seem like a very vegan-friendly photo-op...)


The Great Wheel - Because it was my birthday, we waited in line for 50 minutes & paid an exorbitant price to ride this thing. The view was pretty spectacular, I'll give it that.  

Scrumptious mushroom spinach (vegan) quiche + spicy lentil soup from Chaco Canyon Cafe
Most amazing sandwich I have ever eaten in my life... so I obviously had to photo-document it. Artichoke pate + cashew cheese topped with cucumber & sprouts on molasses wheat bread... I commend the genius who created this.
And of course it wouldn't be Seattle without the Space Needle

I was wearing:
Asymmetrical dress - Nameless (from Jennyfleur Loves)
"Paradox" Pistol boots - Steve Madden (here)
Chronograph Watch - Michael Kors (here)
Vanilla Hamilton Tote - Michael Kors (here)
Teal belt - Vintage
Sunnies - Ray Ban

My coverage of Fashion's Night Out Vancouver coming up next post so stay tuned :)


  1. Awesome pictures! The foods looks yummy, although it's not usually what I'm used to (especially the sandwich- the combination sounds most unusual, but I'd be more than willing to try it). Sounds like you had a great birthday! I love the color/style of your dress :)

  2. Lovely photos, delicious food and you look great :)

  3. Love these pictures, and adore your blue dress!!

  4. looks like you had lots of fun :)
    Cerys ♥

  5. Loving three photos honey! Gorgeous blue dress :)

    Take care,

    Daniella xox

  6. I love the dress. I still need to go to Seattle. I definitely want to.

  7. Love your outfit! :) And Seattle looks like a nice city to visit. That food does seem great, yum ^^

    Indie by heart

  8. Hattitude Style Blog

    shawna it's so nice to see you posting on the blogosphere again! i missed reading your blog! happy belated 23rd my friend!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  9. That cinnamon roll has me all but drooling! haha And your dress is gorgeous! I saw one like that online and kept going back and forth, questioning whether I could pull it off or not...I chickened out, and now I wish I hadn't. :)
    Glad you enjoyed your trip and had a wonderful bday. Also, I'm jealous of your upcoming European vacay!!

  10. Hehe!! That pig is amazing!! I love that you took a pic with him ;) Cute outfit for pig-photographing! :D


  11. i LOVE your cobalt dress, your adorable

  12. Cool pictures! And I LOVE your dress! It's beautiful!!:)


    Mia's Little Corner

  13. seattle looks like fun! LOVE your dress! x


  14. Great post^^I love your blog :)


    I'd love to follow you, if you do the same for me.

  15. Love that outfit!

    Following your blog now! Would love a follow back (:

  16. Long time no hear! How have you been? You look great!

    Style Lounge

  17. Lovely photos Shawna!

    xx pauline

  18. wow!!! Really cool trip, soooo INTERESTING!!!:)


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