February 17, 2012

Beauty Edition // New In

There is a reason I'm a style blogger & not a beauty one. This reason being: I'm practically clueless. Make-up is seriously not my forté, though my interest is definitely peaking thanks to some great beauty bloggers & one of my fabulous stylist coworkers. ''Uh-oh'' thinks my mom while reading this, ''she's discovered the world of beauty products, another huge outlet for her shopping addiction''. Sorry mom, but it's true...

Admittedly my skin has been in shambles lately so I took my morning off to rectify that. My biggest issue right now is hydration. My skin is the driest it's ever been & it's impossible to put on foundation without feeling like a lizard (yes this sounds harsh, but it's the best way to describe how much I abhor it). First stop, Clinique. I've heard good reviews of their Moisture Surge product, so that's what I picked up; in the intense version of course haha. I use Clinique's All About Eyes product & it feels like heaven, so hopefully this new product will work wonders as well. I also set up an appointment to get my make-up done there (at their Sears outlet) during their March event. I haven't really tried any of their make-up products yet, so I'm curious to test those out.

Next up, Chanel at The Bay. Remember my resolution to stop biting my nails? Check! They are doing fabulously so I decided to reward myself with some Chanel nail polish. I've been lusting over their June colour for quite awhile now, which can best be described as "creamsicle". The salesgirls were incredibly friendly, though of course tried to sell me on some lipgloss & other items as well... NOPE JUST THE POLISH PLEASE. In & out, successfully. 

My last stop was Sephora... out of which I did not make it so successfully, at least from a financial standpoint. I generally try to make a list of the exact items I want so I don't waste money on things I don't need & am able to get the ones I do. On my list for Sephora was powder foundation, an under-eye concealer, bronzer/blush, & a foundation brush. Let's just say I made it out with none of these. The salesgirl I ended up with picked out my skin problems in about 2 seconds, which was good. She was all about the Dior & after a 10 minute lecture on the Dior Hydra Life Facial & Eye cremes she was trying to win me over by doing my make-up. She used all Dior products (surprise, surprise); the two I bought are shown above. She began with the Hydra Life facial creme, then the Diorskin Nude (010 Ivory), Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen (001 Rose Glow), & Rosy Glow blush (001 Petal). I quickly took the 2 photos below just to show you what it turned out like. The moisturizer did appear to work well, though having just bought the Clinique product (& at a lower price point) I decided to keep it on my 'maybe next time' list. I really liked the liquid foundation; the colour & coverage was just what I wanted. As for the blush, I absolutely loved it & am thinking I should add it to my beauty wish-list. On the palette it is a ridiculously bright shade of candyfloss pink, but I think it looks great on & suits my skin tone well. She suggested using the highlighter pen instead of a thicker under eye concealer so that's what I went with, though am now having second thoughts. As Kris says, I can be a bit of a pushover. I'm thinking another brand/type might suit me better, & at a lower price. If you girls have any suggestions please let me know! 

And that was my morning! Not overly exhilarating, but relaxing & girly & fun. I only wish I had somewhere to go to show off my make-up hehe. Instead I'll be cleaning the apartment & finishing up my latest German assignment. Not quite as glamourous. Ah well, at least I can look at my lovely new products ;)

Chanel & Clinique & Dior - oh my! 


  1. I too have lizard-like skin at the moment due to harsh weather. I've kinda tried a lot of products that don't seem to work! Please keep me updated on hoe the Clinique cream holds up. If it's any good I'll look into it.


  2. Wow nice buys! They all look like lovely products. I always love clinique, my skin gets so dry in the winter and clinique seems to be the only thing that can salvage it!

    The Urban Umbrella


  3. Haha, yeah, there's a reason I don't blog about makeup...
    I only get drugstore stuff since it's more affordable for me. But I've always wanted to try Clinique! They seem like a great brand.


  4. Looks like a fun day! I'm a total make-up moron and I try to avoid it, but I do like the bare minerals powders. Please do an update in a few weeks to let us know how the clinique moisturizer is working!

  5. nice haul!

    hope u enjoy the stuff!

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  6. love the chanel nail polish!


  7. your skin looks totally flawless and i love your eyes!! i got lost in the, for a second there... :P
    much love from beemod..


  8. lovin chanel nail lacquer! thanks for sharing these products, I'm gonna try at least one of them ^^ xoxo

  9. Gorgeous post, I love you posting style !
    The dior skin looks really good a friend of mine swears by it.
    I also love the chanel colour you picked up, what a perfect nail colour for spring.

  10. Lovely makeup!!!you're sooooooo stunning and beautiful!!!!

  11. Chanel makes the greatest nail color. Cute buys. Come visit my DIY page! www.raveNAmaru.blogspot.com

  12. Great picks! I love the colour of the nail polish and I'm really curious to see what you think of the Clinique cream - your description of putting on foundation is exactly what I've been going through! I'd bookmarked this cream on the Clinique website, so let me know if it works for you!!

    All in all, gorgeous stuff!


  13. Nice choice darling!:)

  14. Great picks! :))

    Oh, I want to tell you that I've given you an award! :)


  15. I adore that Chanel nail polish, such a pretty color! And I've been thinking about trying Clinique but never have, so let me know how that goes! xo


  16. I adore the Chanel nail polish ;x

    PS: If you like, you are welcome to enter my international Vedette Shapewear on my blog ♥

  17. Great posts! :)

    Xxx, The Crokie

  18. Amazing stuff! Wow you look so pretty :)

  19. wow you look great with that make up :)
    awesome post


  20. I don't know anything about beauty products. Count me in as clueless. But it seems like you picked up some awesome things! I have been wanting the Chanel Vamp nail polish since I saw Pulp Fiction...which was a thousand years ago! You've reminded me to get that! The color you got is really really pretty. It brings up images of popsicles on hot summer days, haha.
    You skin looks great and the makeup came out really pretty!

  21. there's no way not to spend too much at sephora, haha ;) you look so beautiful, by the way!

    if you're having problems with flakiness with foundation, i find that smoothing a primer before works wonders! but i've never used the dior foundation, so i hope that it works really well for you! :)


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